Wednesday, 28 March 2012

                               THE EXPLOSION – BURY ME STANDING 12” (Chunksaah records)
I’ve always been a massive fan of THE EXPLOSION and it was a sad day when the band called it quits back in 07’, I remember seeing these guys when they toured Australia and they deadset played to about 50 people but put on one of the most energetic punk shows I’ve ever seen in my life. Anyway this album is their 3rd release but it’s taken the band a good 5 years after the breakup to finally get this out and I gotta say it was worth the wait, THE EXPLOSION have gone for a different sound on some of the tracks on BURY ME STANDING than their normal upbeat melodic punk rock adding a bit of rockabilly and a sometimes power-popish feel to their music that just makes me wonder how big this band would have become if they kept the train rolling,  along with all the sing a long anthems you have come to expect from THE EXPLOSION this album is by far the best way for these BOSTON greats to have their final swansong, I'm sure gunna miss these guys.


                                         SETARIAN VIOLENCE – S/T 7” (Grave mistake records)
Solid Debut from this super group that contains members of COKE BUST (US), STAY HUNGRY (Sweden) and NEVER AGAIN (UK) , Although you can hear influences from all these groups SECTARIAN VIOLENCE stick to the more 80’s style hardcore sound blasting out 6 full throttle ragers. Nicktapes (Coke bust) vocals on this record are full of relentless aggression that just suit the raw, fast pissed off music that these guys play and just when you think they are about to explode they hit you with a tough as fuck breakdown that just makes me wish I was watching them live and slamming away to my heart’s content. Lyric wise SECTARIAN VIOLENCE goes for a more social/political feel that are intelligent and well thought out instead of the typical “edge” words that most Straight Edge bands sing these days and that just makes this record even greater. GRAVE MISTAKE records can hold their head up high with this release because this one is definitely a winner.



                                STRIPMINES – CRIMES OF DISPASSION 12” (Sorry state records)
Holy shit!!! What a release we have here from SORRY STATE RECORDS. North Carolina’s STRIPMINES give us 12 tracks of brutal hardcore that has so many influences it’s hard to describe, Although they mostly have that crust punk sound going on you can hear influences like INFEST & NEGATIVE APPRAOCH coming through, hell even the song “political correction” has a massive CRO MAGS “hard times” feel to it. Anyway it doesn’t really matter who these guys are influenced by because STRIPMINES definitely stand on their own with some of the most intense pummeling hardcore I’ve ever heard, in fact my girlfriend has now banned me from listening to this record at home because “it makes me want to stab you every time I hear it”, yep it’s that intense. Vocalist matt’s dry throaty bellow is something that needs to be heard topped off with some of the most pit destroying breakdowns known to man makes “CRIMES OF DISPASSION” already a contender for album of the year and it’s only the month of march. Everything about punk/hardcore that you love is in this album so go out and grab a copy at all costs.




             BAD ADVICE – DO NOT RESUSCITATE (Grave mistake/Tension headache records)
Another band you could easily put into super group status with members of GOVERNMENT WARNING, DIRECT CONTROL, CLOAK/DAGGER and THE LADIES and all hailing from the Richmond hardcore/punk scene. This little beauty was actually recorded way back in 2008 and has been sitting in the GRAVE MISTAKE cellars until now, fucked if I know why it’s taken so long to be released all I know is I’m glad it has because what you have here is scathing blend of mid tempo almost low fi punk rock crossed with the attitude and energy of those early USHC bands like TOXIC REASON and the CIRCLE JERKS, fans of GOVERNMENT WARNING will also get a hard on over this because it sounds very similar to the “Paranoid mess” recordings but still having  a sound that easily has BAD AVICE standing on their own. I’m pretty sure these guys have now called it a day which is a real pity but at least these recordings have now been released for my playing pleasure, defiantly worth grabbing this one.



                                        DRY HUMP – FUCKS YOUR EARS 12’ (Sex cult records)
This one’s been out for a while now but after reading MAXIMUM ROCK’N’ROLL’s best of 2011 issue I just had to order it considering almost every reviewer had it in their top 10. Boston’s DRY HUMP really do “fuck your ears” with a non-stop barrage of aggressive hardcore, I think if you put fellow Boston boys OUT COLD and let’s say POISON IDEA in a blender you would come up with the sound DRY HUMP spew forward. This album packs a mighty punch to the balls from start to finish with an urgency that JERRYS KIDS would have been proud of, lyric wise DRY HUMP are filled with hatred towards the world especially in the tracks FUCK ALL YOU CAN BE “Tooth for tooth, dick for dick, eye for fuckin eye” but they also have a perverted sense of humor like in the song RAT PACK “Matts sucking dick in banana shorts”. This is one hell of a bile fuelled release that will not disappoint and I’m glad I took the time to track down a copy because this seriously hasn’t left my turntable for weeks.




                              THE CLICHES – MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO 12” (Randale records)
Cool as fuck re-issue from Sweden’s THE CLICHES, man from the first listen I could have sworn these guys were Australian because they are defiantly influenced by those great Oz bands ROSE TATTOO & AC/DC, hell I can even hear some old EASY BEATS in there somewhere mixed with a 70’s THE WHO/SLADE feel makes this some of the best pub rock you will hear. Every song is a drunken sing a long anthem and I’m sure their live shows would be a beer soaked fun occasion. I love how THE CLICHES have a sense of humor in their songs instead of the normal hard as nail tuff guy lyrics most skinhead bands have these days, just check out their song THAT’S MORE LIKE IT for some poetry “Down the pub getting drunk and lary, we’re all cheered up loud and blarin’,  out on the streets for bovver and rarin’, running amuck and feeling darin” haha classic, THE CLICHES are a breath of fresh air in the current skinhead scene that I gotta admit has been pretty boring for a while now. RANDALE records totally out do themselves with the packaging on this release with an awesome gatefold full color cover that makes this release well worth the dollars I paid.



     TEMPLARS – CLOCKWORK ORANGE HORRORSHOW 7” & 10” (Vulture rock / TKO records)
THE TEMPLARS have been around for 20 years now so I’m pretty sure every single person who’s into the skinhead/oi scene has heard of these legends, and for those who have been under a rock for that time THE TEMPLARS play a mix of British & French oi oi music crossed with a 60’s rock n roll feel that some call CRUSADER ROCK & OI.   I scored the 10” from TKO records mail-order when it first came out back in 05’; it’s a pretty cool looking picture disk that comes in a plastic sleeve with a sticker that has all the track listings on it. The 10” version is limited to 1000 pressing. The 7” was one of those pricey ebay wars i won i few years ago, This  version comes in a slick as fuck gatefold double 7” with one record on clear vinyl and the other on black I think this was limited to 800 pressing but I’m not 100% sure. The best part about these releases is the awesome CLOCKWORK HORRORSHOW art work done by French artist ALTEAU so I’ve included a close up of the cover for you all to check out.

                  BONES BRIGADE – FOCUS 12"/ ENDLESS BUMBER 10" / I HATE MYSELF 12"
I first heard BONES BRIGADE I think back in 2002 when a friend of mine tapped me their debut 7” onto cassette and instantly feel in love with their 80’s influenced skate thrash assault, the energy this Boston four piece pumps out in every song makes you realize why thousands of skate kids around the world get into the “BONES”.  The FOCUS 12” (Coalition records) I picked up from a local record store and I was lucky enough to get a grey marble colored vinyl version, there was only 500 pressed of these. The ENDLESS BUMMER 10” (Still holding on records) & I HATE MYSELF WHEN IM NOT SKATEBOARDING 12” (Coalition records) I won on eBay as a set.  It was one of those lucky finds that no one else bid on so I got these really cheap, I was actually really surprised that I was the only one who bid since I had been trying to buy both these records for years and being outbid on every occasion. Anyway the ENDLESS BUMMER 10” was limited to 500 pressings and is out of print, The I HATE MYSELF WHEN IM NOT SKATEBOARDING 12” is the vinyl version of the previously cd only release that is also out of print, I think only 1000 of these were pressed. "ALL GO! NO SLOW"....



AVO was a notorious hardcore band from Sydney Australia that I gotta say I’m a bit bias about since I was the vocalist for our entire 12 year existence. When AVO formed the Australia hardcore scene was becoming so P.C it was a deadset joke, so Sean (bass) and myself decided to form a band influenced by those controversial bands VILE, H100’s and THE RANDUMBS and piss off and offend as many people as we could and so AVO was born, and believe me it worked with promoters/bands putting a black ban on us from shows, hell one kid even wrote an entire fanzine based on how much AVO has ruined the scene haha it’s funny how serious people take shit. Ok this was our debut 7” on our good friend Clint’s label SHORT FUSE RECORDS, what we have here from left to right is the TEST PRESS with the controversial “YOU’RE A FUCKIN’ PRICK sleeve - #5 / 15 pressed, next up we have the launch show pre-release sleeve on black vinyl with red stub card to send back to the label to collect your official sleeve this also comes with a couple of stickers  - 50 only , than last up  we have the “FUCK POSITIVE HARDCORE” peach colored vinyl press – 100 only and black vinyl press – 400 only.



Monday, 27 February 2012

                      NO TOLERANCE – NO REMORSE, NO TOLERANCE 7” (Youngblood records)
Ex members of MIND ERASER, RIGHTEOUS JAMS & THE RIVAL MOB give us 6 songs of heavy pissed off straight edge hardcore. If you’re into that early 80’s youth crew sound similar to DYS, BROTHERHOOD, PROJECT X  you will love these guys, Actually I’m pretty sure NO TOLERANCE got there name from a BROTHERHOOD song and they sure as hell sound a lot like those Seattle legends but with a much bigger production.  I can picture hundreds of X’ed up kids finger pointing and dog pilling to their hearts content at one of NO TOLERANCES shows every time I listen to this record and believe me it’s a good thing. This is a solid release from YOUNGBLOOD RECORDS that I’m sure in years to come will still be hitting my turntable for a spin, No bullshit straight up hardcore just the way I like it.


                         HARD SKIN – WE’RE THE FUCKING GEORGE 12” (JT classics records)
The south London trio better known as HARD SKIN has got a fine release here, what was originally released as a cassette tape (300 only) has now been pressed on HARD SKINS own JT CLASSICS label, so what you get on this compilation 12” is all the singles, comp tracks and splits that these drunken yobs have released up until now. What more could ya ask for than all the classics like “first day angry song”, “Egg fried rice”, “lets ‘ave it” & “make my tea” all together on one record? I know these guys are just taking the piss and sure they rip off all the 80’s oi classics, but fuck me if they don’t do a damn fine job and believe me they do it better than most bands around today. I’m pretty stocked that HARD SKIN decided to do this record because there are a few singles on here I didn’t even know existed that I can now play in all their glory. Mate if HARD SKIN don’t make you wanna get on the booze and smoke ciggies than you need to hang up ya boots “spent all day in the fuckin pub cause I’m a cunt cunt cunt cunt” fuckin love it.


                                   NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS – S/T 12” (Modern Action records)
MODERN ACTION records have been pumping out some top quality punk rock lately and San Francisco’s NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS are defiantly one of those releases that you can be glad you’ve got in your record collection. I gotta admit that I’ve never really been a fan of female fronted punk but fuck me if the NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS haven’t just kicked the shit out of that perception,  If you crossed jealous again era BLACK FLAG  with an angrier AVENGERS/VKTMS sounding vocalist  you would come pretty close to this band. The only thing that sucks about this record is that it’s a one sided 5 song 12” and all it does is make you won’t more & more of the BRATS, man the song “THROW AWAY GIRL” will seriously make you shit yourself it’s that good, actually all these songs are that fuckin good so you need to stock up on toilet paper, get out your credit cards and buy this fucking record.



                   VARIOUS ARTISTS – A BETTER TOMORROW 7” (Longshot/Contra Records)
Ok what we have here is a comp with 4 bands that are apparently “the new generation of American oi”. First of the bat are Seattle/Tacoma’s NOI!SE who give us a BLITZ sounding sing a long anthem and backed up by ex AIRES & GRACES front man Matt’s gravely vocals make this a winner on this compilation, Everything I’ve heard buy NOI!SE  I’ve pretty much loved so keep em coming boys. Next up are Boston’s RAZORS IN THE NIGHT who do the oicore thing that I’ve never really liked and this track doesn’t really do anything for me either, sure the music sounds like S.O.I.A or even the ANTI HERO’S but The vocalist tries a bit too hard to sound aggressive and he just comes of sounding like cookie monster mmmm not my cup of tea sorry. First track on side b gives us THE BROADSIDERS from Dallas Texas, I’ve liked most of the stuff I’ve heard from these guys before and I really think they step it up a notch with this BRUISERS influenced track they give us here, I Hope their future recordings are as good as this cause this song rocks. Last band on here are the almighty SYDNEY DUCKS who hail from San Francesco. Fuck me if these guys aren’t the best oi/skinhead band going around today, heavily influenced by the TEMPLARS with that 60’s rock n roll feel to it make THE SYDNEY DUCKS stand out from the crowd and I wish these skinheads would hurry up and put out a full length cause I tell you my fucking life won’t be complete until they do. Hail, Hail the SYDNEY DUCKS.





                                    BAD RELIGION – PUBLIC SERVICE 7” (Puke & vomit records)
What was supposed to be a legit reissue of BAD RELIGIONS three contributions to the PUBLIC SERVICE compilation EP that was released way back in 1981 has apparently now turned into a shit fight between the band & label, I’m not gunna get heaps into it but according to BAD RELIGIONS site the label doesn’t have the rights to reissue the BAD RELIGION songs only as a separate 7” so I guess this record now becomes a BOOTLEG. Anyway who really gives a shit because now I have the classic songs that started BAD RELIGION and that have influenced thousands of bands since. This is BAD RELIGION at their best before they got commercial and became the MTV bullshit they are today, Three absolutely classic tracks of west coast snotty punk that you would gladly play after listening to your ADOLESCENTS and T.S.O.L records, This is where pop influenced punk started and all you fucks need to buy a piece of this punk rock history before the band pulls these and it becomes one of those rare as hens teeth BOOTLEGS you wish you owned.


                                                  TOE TO TOE – 7” COLLECTION (Various labels)
Sydney’s own TOE TO TOE were easily my favorite Aussie band growing up, and I still remember to this day that feeling of wanting to slam everything in my bedroom after hearing vocalist Scott yell “DO IT” at the beginning of NO ALLEGIENCE for the first time. That feeling lead me to carpool, bus and hitchhike the 4 hour trip to Sydney to see TOE TO TOE as many times as I possibly could in the early 90”s and those trips not only eased my cravings for some good old hardcore but also forged friendships with members of the band that are still going strong to this day. Even though TOE TO TOE’s style has changed a bit since those days and sure they’ve had their fair share of lineup changes they are still playing shows and influencing generations of hardcore kids just like they did me back in the day.  What we have here is SLAP OF REALITY 7” (Punch drunk records), UNANIMOUS POINTS DECISION 7” (Punch drunk records), FUCK SEATLE THIS IS SYDNEY 7” (Kangaroo records), ELECTION NIGHT 93’- Straight of the desk 7” pressed on clear polycarbonate (Heinous fuck records), FORCE 7” (kangaroo records), SOUTHPAW 7” (Beer city records) & NO GODS 7” (Spent records) all 7”s are First pressings and are all out of print.

                DEATH BEFORE WORK – MESSAGE BOARD PUNKS ON A ROPE 12” (Rat town records)
I had never heard of Italy’s DEATH BEFORE WORK before I owned this record and the only reason I picked this up is because I thought the picture disk looked awesome but boy what a surprise it turned out to be, DEATH BEFORE WORK sound like those bandana thrash bands WHAT HAPPENS NEXT & LIFES HALT with a kinda CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER guitar sound so yeah its fast as fuck crossover/thrash at its best. This shit just doesn’t let up for one second with 19 songs clocking in around the 20 minute mark and with some of the best song titles I’ve heard like “I listen to the smiths, but I also listen to Deicide. So what” and the classic “I live to close to my workplace, I cannot listen to all my tapes” haha crazy Italians. This is limited to 500 copy’s one sided black silk screened vinyl and silk screened cover.

                                     ARMS REACH – WITHIN OUR REACH 7” (Short fuse records)
Got these little beauties from my good mate Clint who owns SHORT FUSE records back In I think around 98’-99’. The record on the left is the first press on red vinyl that was limited to 75 copies and the one on the right is the “THANKS – for nothing” miss press of the same record that was given to friends of Clint, it became a fuck you release to the record plant as they managed to fuck up the test by cut/pressing it at 45rpm instead of 33rpm and making it sound like complete dogshit. This version also comes with a vinyl sticker of the “THANKS” cover; I think the miss-press is limited to 35 copies.